Cloud Desktop

As one of the UK’s leading supplier of IT services, Full Stack Systems is equipped to provide your business with state of the art hosted cloud desktop solutions. When you choose Full Stack Systems for your hosted cloud desktop, you get access to a comprehensive system which enables your staff to access their work desktop, files and applications over the internet from anywhere in the world.
You also save time and money by doing this because you eliminate the need for purchasing new servers, computers and licenses for your software. By using the latest in cloud technology, Full Stack Systems ensures that your data is fully protected and that anyone using your systems only have access to what they need.

By investing in Full Stack System’s cloud desktop solution, you take a huge step towards modernising your IT infrastructure, improving overall productivity amongst your staff, reducing your overheads and making your business a whole lot more flexible.

Flexibility and Power

Technology has massively changed the professional working environment and patterns; your employees expect a degree of flexibility with their working life and this is something which cloud desktop services can provide.

With more and more people opting to spend time working from home or off-site, a comprehensive cloud desktop solution is a must-have for any company which wants to prioritise its employees needs whilst still benefiting their business as a whole.

By enabling your staff to access their desktop from anywhere in the world on any device, you improve overall employee morale, loyalty and productivity, and these carry several benefits for your business. Not only do they make home working easier, cloud desktop solutions help teams that are distributed across multiple geographical locations to collaborate more efficiently.

In short, a hosted cloud desktop solution provided by Full Stack Systems centralises your IT infrastructure, controls your data, reduces IT costs, and makes it easier for your staff to work from home and collaborate on projects across different cities and time zones.

When you choose Full Stack Systems as your cloud desktop provider, you benefit from the very latest in cloud technology which includes robust security features and data protection whilst maintaining high performance and easy collaboration.

Save Money on Critical IT Infrastructure

Choosing Full Stack Systems’ hosted cloud desktop, you significantly reduce the amount of time that you have to spend maintaining your core IT systems, and by paying a fixed monthly price you have the added benefit of making budgeting for said systems easier. You will no longer need to purchase new equipment or spend money maintaining old systems.

You retain full control over your cloud desktop services, too, and are able to specify exactly which services you want or need and then scale them up or down to suit the changing requirements of your business.

All in all, Full Stack Systems’ cloud desktop solutions enable you to retain 100% control over your IT systems whilst benefiting from modern cloud technology.