Exchange 365

You have probably heard a lot about the cloud and digital transformation, and Full Stack Systems makes it an affordable reality for your business with Exchange and Office 365, regardless of how big or small you may be. We are specialist providers of cloud solutions and are continuously focussed on providing robust digital workplace solutions for all our clients and customers. We have helped hundreds of businesses evolve into modern digital workplaces and improved their productivity which helps their overall growth.

Full Stack Systems are a proud partner of Microsoft Office 365. As such, we are a specialist when it comes to Office and Exchange 365 solutions, migrations, deployments, support and more.

Why Use Exchange 365 for Your Business?

Exchange 365 is secure and reliable, and helps to protect your critical information and data. With anti-malware and anti-spam filtering as standard and data-loss preventions which stop your network’s users from maliciously or accidentally sending secret information to third-parties, this robust solution helps to both modernise your business and protect its core interests.

Around the clock, Exchange 365 helps to protect your business and safeguard your data. With a guaranteed uptime of over 99%, disaster recovery and specialist security experts monitoring your systems, you can count on your email and office services to constantly be secure and functional.

Retain Full Controll at All Times

You get the benefit of using robust Microsoft email services which are hosted in a state of the art environment whilst still retaining full control over it. Exchange 365 comes with its own management centre which helps you efficiently manage your organisation’s core communication network.

In addition to this, other services such as eDiscovery, Microsoft SharePoint and Skype for Business can be integrated and used alongside Exchange 365 and used from one single interface.

Easy to Use and Maintain

With Exchange 365 provided by Full Stack Systems, it’s never been easier for anybody who uses your email systems to remain productive and have access to a comprehensive email solution which has everything they would ever need built in.

It can be accessed from anywhere on any devices, calendars can be synced, and it is available for use through all major browsers. With Microsoft Outlook integration, the users of your email service will benefit from a familiar email environment which they can hit the ground running with straight away.

Benefits from Managed Support

At Full Stack Systems, our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive service which is ready to go and fully supported by our team of experienced IT professionals. Whether you’re a small business or large organisation, our services are suitable for you. The Full Stack Systems team do not only help you realise your goals, but we are available to free up much of your time which would otherwise be spent on maintaining your email service, leaving you to focus on what matters: your business.