Exclaimer 365

Exclaimer 365 is a Microsoft Office service which enables you to manage email signatures directly from the cloud. When you have a business with lots of staff of which utilise different email signatures set by senior managers, it is convenient when these can be managed remotely from anywhere. This is true especially if you are going through unexpected growth or have a large staff turnover.

Not only this, but the entire world is moving to the cloud and by doing this yourself and migrating many of your company’s resources and IT infrastructure to the cloud, you are able to remain competitive and better manage your company on a day-to-day basis.
Exclaimer 365 is an award-winning solution which helps you manage your professional image for any of your organisation’s staff who send email from a number of devices.

Easy Microsoft Outlook and Control from the Cloud

When utilising Exclaimer 365 from Full Stack Systems, you are able to create, design and deploy email signatures from your own templates or take advantage of the extensive library of pre-made templates which are included as standard with the software. When you have done this, you can either manually provide signatures to your email service’s users or enable them to choose or create their own.

If you have multiple departments, this is a highly useful tool which enables you to manage the different signatures for them all. Built in rules enable you to define which users of your Outlook service get which permissions and signatures. For example, you can allow your finance team the chance to outline your company’s payment terms or enable the marketing department to highlight an event which is coming up.

All this can be done from one single dedicated console. No longer will you need to locally install Microsoft Outlook add-ins, the source of much frustration, or configure signatures on an individual employee’s machine. Exclaimer 365 can be installed in one place and then used to manage and distribute signatures throughout your entire organisation.

Fully Control Your Outlook Setup

You maintain full control over all your organisation’s email signatures whilst benefiting from the use of a robust and trusted Microsoft product. Ensure all your employees’ email signatures comply with your company’s guidelines with control over size, colour and style, and enable them to see their own signatures prior to sending an email. This helps iron out any problems and enables certain teams such as sales to add extra pieces of promotional information to their own emails.

Not only this, but you can use Exclaimer’s “Social Media Strip”—a strip of customisable social media icons—to link back to your company’s social media pages. This encourages recipients of your emails to engage with your organisation in the places which matter most to you.

Using Exclaimer provided by Full Stack Systems also helps you avoid lawsuits and ensure 100% compliance with laws and regulations throughout the world which relate to email disclaimers by preventing the disclosure of sensitive information.