Choosing the Most Reliable Cloud Backup Service

Thanks to our online services, choosing the right cloud service has become much easier. Using our service, you can back up all your files quickly and efficiently. We offer backup solutions for everything you need in one single software product.

Losing critical data has always been a huge threat to small businesses. Our cloud service is aimed at providing reliable backup solutions that can put your mind at ease. IT professionals can backup and restore data from all their devices. And this service isn’t just for the IT industry. No matter which industry you belong to, you can back up your data in the cloud with our services.

Get cloud backup with a single seamless service

Companies and consultants need a well built and robust backup plan. With our automated cloud backup service, data from every computer stays safe and sound. Even if someone’s laptop is lost, the employee can restore it from a new device. It is so easy that they can do it themselves, without depending on you.

Protect your clients’ crucial data with our unlimited backup storage.

Great fit for every size of business

Any business, small or big, needs an easy and simple backup plan. Even if you have no extensive IT knowledge, your data can be restored quickly. Our product allows you to back up your data with ease.

With no extra hidden costs, we offer you a complete cloud backup solution. You can now protect your data without using any complex tools. Even if there is a ransomware attack or your device is stolen, you can restore the data and your business files from another computer.

Recover data from hacker attacks, thefts or hardware failure

Threats of ransomware and hacking are forever lurking on the internet. Most people use external servers or hard drives to back up their solutions. But they can be lost, misplaced or stolen. Your on-site hardware equipment may fail or get damaged due to human error. Valuable data can be lost due to any of the above.

Businesses can run smoothly only if they invest in an excellent recovery plan. The best cloud backup can safeguard your data and restore it without any time loss.

We safeguard your interests by continuously backing up data from all your devices. You can restore all previous or latest versions of your data. Our user-friendly platform and intuitive application can manage even your external backup devices like hard drives.

With our plan, you get

  • Unlimited storage space with no additional cost
  • Control over how long we retain your deleted files
  • Intelligent and contininous backup, restore to any version of data
  • Data recovery from any device and over any operating system
  • Customisable security settings and excellent data encryption
  • Works on mobile devices and desktop computer
  • Assistance from Backup and Recovery experts

We are here to assist you, whenever you need us. Just contact us and we’ll have the right solution for you.