If you are wanting to get the most out of your company’s network without expanding your infrastructure and piling on costs, then using Mikrotik networks which have been designed and deployed by Full Stack Systems may be the perfect solution for you.

We aid business growth by providing reliable networks whilst reducing management costs, and we are specialists in providing support for and designing networks which utilise Mikrotik devices.

Our team are all Mikrotik certified (including MTCRE, MTCWE and MTCNA) and can provide support either on-site or remotely.

What is Mikrotik?

Mikrotik is a Latvian company who produce network switches, WiFi equipment and routers. All products include their bespoke circuit boards and chips which enable them to exercise full control over the end-product’s quality whilst retaining a competitive price.

Because of this, Mikrotik solutions are very sought after and provide robust solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes worldwide.

Mikrotik are a fantastic choice if you are looking for a powerful and versatile network backed up by quality hardware, and our years’ worth of experience and expertise means we can provide Mikrotik services and continued network support.

Mikrotik Consultancy and Support

As part of our day-to-day Mikrotik operations, we can provide support for Mikrotik networks of any size. This support includes the diagnosing and management of problems as they arise, and consultancy from engineers who are experienced and specially qualified to provide support to Mikrotik networks.

Whether you are using routers, switches or entire Mikrotik wireless network systems, our engineers are happy to provide their expert guidance, whether that be done remotely through the likes of TeamViewer or an on-site visit if you are based in the UK.

As always, it is important that you get the right Mikrotik service and support for your business. To this end, we work closely with our clients to design a bespoke package from the ground up. This design service includes site visits and surveys, remote consultancy and direct collaboration with you to provide the perfect Mikrotik network.

Continued Management Services

At Full Stack Systems, we don’t just set you up with your perfect Mikrotik network and then leave you to get on with things. Instead, we provide ongoing management and support services, meaning you have one less thing to worry about.

Our team regularly pick apart your Mikrotik hardware and network to look for security loopholes, faulty configurations and other vulnerabilities which can pose a threat to your company. This not only protects your business but ensures compliance with key EU policy such as the GDPR.

The Bottom Line

We are seasoned experts in the supply, deployment and ongoing support of Mikrotik hardware and network solutions. We work hard to ensure that all our Mikrotik services are crafted to meet the unique needs of your business.

To find out how our team of Mikrotik-certified IT consultants can help you, get in touch with our tean today. We put you in the driver’s seat and work hard to deliver only the solutions which work.