Providing private OnApp cloud service solutions

OnApp is a relatively new solution which, for the most part, has gone relatively unknown. The company behind OnApp has, however, powered thousands of clouds in over 40 countries. As a cloud management platform, OnApp comes with a content delivery network the solution is a global leader in IaaS (infrastructure as a service) technology.

Full Stack Systems are proud to be a partner in providing private OnApp cloud service solutions, and we are a fully accredited partner of this unrivalled cloud platform industry leader.

By utilising OnApp, you can run hybrid private clouds and content delivery networks, and have comprehensive infrastructure management performed on your behalf. In addition to this, our experienced IT professionals are on hand to provide relief should you ever run into problems and require immediate disaster recovery.

Benefits of Using Managed OnApp Cloud Services

There are several benefits associated with implementing OnApp into the core of your business. Some of these include:

Comprehensive content delivery networks

One way OnApp stands heads and shoulders above the competition is its content delivery network technologies. By using us as a service provider with access to these CDNs which have several worldwide points of presence, you can benefit from a local presence regardless of whether your business is operating.</span

Rapid and painless deployment

In typical cases, cloud deployment can take several weeks to several months, however, OnApp’s private clouds are usually installed and ready to go within a day or two. This is achieved through a mechanism called PXEboost which automates the entire process and provides the scope to scale up just as quickly as your business grows.

Relatively low cost

Because OnApp is simple to deploy and can be done within one day, OnApp is a cost-effective private cloud management platform. With our managed OnApp services, you get a solution which is ran completely on your behalf and with minimal intervention on your part. Given that OnApp is a low-maintenance solution, there is no need to worry about costs associated with maintenance and repair.</span

Simplicity of use

Ease-of-use and functionality are a primary concern for you as a business operator, and with OnApp you can manage all your IT infrastructure from one place. This may be ideal for you if you are not interested in a comprehensively managed solution and simply want to utilise OnApp’s functionality through Full Stack Systems.

Whether you are creating backups, scaling up, performing governance or just performing general management, it is all done from one place meaning that you can get things done quicker.

OnApp is a company which has continued to rapidly grow and outsource their services to managed IT providers such as Full Stack Systems. We are proud to be a certified partner and provider of their robust cloud-based solutions which have the capacity to streamline your IT infrastructure. Full Stack Systems is perfectly placed to get you going with OnApp, and if you think that this is a solution from which your company could benefit, we look forward to hearing from you.